Charge with water!

The myfc PowerTrekk Fuel Cell Charger is a revolutionary portable charger that generates electricity from water – based on Swedish Fuel Cell technology.

Unlike other portable batteries, the myFC PowerTrekk is like a portable power plant - it actually produces the electricity you need. By just adding water and a myFC Puck with salt - you will be completely independent of the power grid. It also includes an internal battery, which can be recharged either in fuel cell mode (with water and a Puck of salt) or via the power grid.

With its unique fuel-cell technology, myFC PowerTrekk uses the hydrogen from the water and converts that into electricity and can therefore deliver instant, reliable power. Anywhere, anytime, to any USB compaitble device.

The myFC Power Trekk Fuel Cell Charger offers freedom and safety: freedom from the electricity grid and safety when that last little bar of battery life is about to die on your screen.

How it works

myFC PowerTrekk in 60 seconds

1. Add water

Fill the water tank with water, you can use any kind of water


2. Insert a Puck

Insert a myFC PowerTrekk Puck,put the green top on and close the latches



3. Charge & Use

You're now with electricity! The myFC PowerTrekk charges USB compatible consumer electronic devices like mobile phones, cameras, GPS units and more.



Powers a Wide Range of Outdoor Devices Away from the Grid. Works with most devices that can be charged via USB. 
One puck charges approximately one smartphone.



MP3 Players



Who needs a myFC PowerTrekk?

myFC offers instant energy to people who love the value their electronic gadgets give them, but hate being dependent on the electricity grid.
myFC PowerTrekk is the preferred alternative portable power source for outdoor enthusiasts, travelers and other people who spend time away from the grid.
The myFC PowerTrekk is also the ideal safety kit option, since it gives you access to instant power.


Always have access to power – no matter how far away from the electricity grid you are. Adventure trips, fishing or hunting, climbing, canoeing or hiking are activities that most often take place in remote, undeveloped areas. Today’s outdoor enthusiasts want to stay in touch with the rest of the world, listen to music, be able to make a phone call, send a text message or use a GPS device. The longer you stay away the more likely it is that you will need to charge your phone or other necessary devices several times. With the myFC PowerTrekk you can stay off the beaten track as long as you wish, and still charge your devices. The PowerTrekk is small, lightweight and weather resistant – perfect for any Outdoor situation.


Anyone who travels knows how frustrating it is to look for a power socket in an airport when your phone battery is flat, or how hard it can be to find a dependable electricity supply outside traditional tourist areas. With the myFC PowerTrekk you never need to worry about running out of power, no matter where you are. If you cannot find a socket, use the Fuel cell charger. And for even more convenient power, charge the internal battery inside the PowerTrekk whenever you find electricity. The myFC PowerTrekk can be brought with you on airplanes.


The myFC PowerTrekk is ideal for any emergency situation, when you need power but cannot get access to any. The impact of power outages caused by hurricanes, earth quakes or flooding can be eased tremendously by a myFC PowerTrekk. A great advantage of the myFC Fuel Cell Charger is that it does not need sunlight to work and copes with most bad weather conditions.